Whats happening at Daisy Jean in May! May 14, 2015 11:19

There are some new and exciting things happening this month at Daisy Jean Floral Designs!

  1. Our website is finally live and active and we celebrated with our first ever sale on our site last week!
  2. We now have a rewards program in place, which will allow our customers to earn ‘petals’ through their purchases which will enable them to redeem discounts!
  3. We now have ‘regular’ items kept in stock as a permanent option here at Daisy Jean, alongside our special one offs!
  4. Our shoots are now all finished and you can enjoy seeing our face’s for 2015 on our website, social media and business material a lot more!
  5. Our IG comp winner custom piece prize was unveiled (after some difficult sourcing!) and we are excited to announce our next comp!
  6. We have our Burlesque range being released in June 2015 and we are beyond excited! Tantalizing sneak peaks will be available soon!
  7. We have a number of special custom pieces we are currently working on that we are beyond excited to share! Keep your eyes peeled!

More sneak peaks and surprises to come throughout the month!