Meet the Blogger ~ Miss Cherry Bomb February 4, 2016 19:00

Hello everyone!
In 2015, we spent a lot of time trying to figure out how best to utilise this little store blog space. As we put most of our sneak peaks up on Instagram and Facebook, we felt that doubling up with this space too was a bit redundant! So in 2016 we decided we'd start introducing our customers to some of our favorite pinup bloggers here instead!
Our first featured blogger is a red headed spitfire from Canberra, ACT Australia who when she isn't glammed up kicks butt in roller derby! Its Miss Cherry Bomb of course! We had a bit of a chat with Miss Cherry Bomb to see what makes this babe tick!
What got you into pinup and where did you start?

Well I started dabbling in the pinup style during my time at college in 2011. I always loved the style and the glamour of the 1940’s and 1950’s, but more than that I yearned to have the confidence of those incredible screen sirens. I wanted to have the striking confidence of these women, I wanted to feel empowered, so I started by teaching myself how to do my makeup and style my hair. I spent (and still do) hours on youtube watching tutorial after tutorial, trying to learn their secrets! How to perfect victory rolls, how to set my hair with sponge rollers, the trick to perfect winged eyeliner! And now it’s something I do every day! I get up every morning and swipe on my winged eyeliner, roll my hair, slide in a flower and I’m off to work, its normal routine for me now.

What defines your own personal pinup style?

My personal style consists of a lot of colour, I love being as colourful as possible! I also love all things tiki, so it’s pretty common to see me in tropical prints with hibiscus in my hair, crazy fruit necklaces and a huge smile! I’ve made quite a few of my own tiki themed skirts and tie tops; you could say I live for the summer time!

If you were only allowed one make up item, what would it be and why?

An eye shadow palette; because you can fill in your eyebrows and pull off some winged eyeliner with eye shadow and I won’t be without my eyebrows or eyeliner!

Who are you major style influences and why?

I think anyone who dares to go against social convention is a style icon of mine. It takes a lot of guts to stand out in today’s world and I have a great deal of respect for anyone who does. I love so many different people and pull style ideas from them! I love studying drag queens because their hair and makeup talent is next level incredible.

What is your favorite way to style hair flowers?

I love sliding a flower behind my barrel rolls or victory rolls; they always finish the look perfectly! I usually try and coordinate the colours in my outfit to the colours in my hair flowers. They’re also great at hiding a messy roll that looks good from the front but not so great at the back!

What advice would you give to ladies new to pinup?

Youtube is your friend; I spent heaps of time on youtube watching how people achieved the same look, there’s no one way to achieve a certain look and not every way works for everyone. So try heaps of different ways until you find what works for you, I’m still trying to figure it out. And just ask! If you see someone with really cool hair or really awesome makeup, ask they how they do it or what they’re favourite product is! Most people love liquid eyeliner but I hate it, everyone’s individual. If I hadn’t asked a pinup what kind of eyeliner she was wearing I would still probably be wearing liquid eyeliner and hating it. The pinup style isn’t something you can learn by osmosis, there’s lots of trial and error, discovering what you like and what works for you!

What are some of your proudest pinup moments?

Just the other day at the Miss Pinup Australia Ball I achieved my best wet-set to date with sponge rollers! I have been struggling with sponge rollers for years but I’ve finally mastered them!! The worst part is I didn’t take any photos of it, and as the rule goes ‘pics or it didn’t happen’.

What Daisy Jean piece are you currently lusting after?

More hibiscus doubles!! They’re my absolute favourite!! They’re the perfect size and they fit being my rolls perfectly. My hibiscus double is my go to for work or any tiki themed ensemble! I want them in every colour!
A massive thank you to Miss Cherry Bomb for catching up with us!
You can find Miss Cherry Bomb on Facebook, in the as well as in instagram under @cherrybomb_x
Til next month!
Daisy Jean & the Team