We are off to see the Wizard March 27, 2021 16:54

Every one loves the Wizard of Oz - the movie, the music and the pop icons that have resulted. The design team here at Daisy Jean Designs have outdone themselves with their parody interpetation of the Wizard of Oz movie.

The brooches are fun quirky and absolutley exquisite and include all the main characters: Dorothy, Glinda the good witch of the  north, the Scarecrow, The tinman, The cowardly lion, the wicked witch of the west, and a flying monkey.

If you are looking for some colourful statement peices that get noticed then check out the Wizard of Oz collection 


Who's the fairest of them all? February 19, 2021 12:34

It's time for a Princess fix!

Everyone loves Snow White -  I mean she is "the fairest one of all" isn't she? 

Disney’s amazing cartoon interpretation of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale back in the 19 30’s launched Snow White as the original Disney princess, and she is still a favorite, even today.

There has been countless interpretations of the story of Snow White including over 30 different films and  TV shows.

Daisy Jean thought it was time we satisfied our inner child and did our own interpretation of the story of this beautiful princess and to immortalize her in her own collection.

Apart from Snow White’s outstanding beauty, she represents the pinnacle of innocence, kindness and purity, and is loved by all - even the forest creatures.

Everyone that is, except the Evil Queen. She couldn’t handle the fact that Snow White was more beautiful than her, and did everything in her power to destroy her including the creation of the infamous poison apple and the iconic line "One bite and all your dreams will come true!"

But she didn’t count on the support from the seven hard-working dwarf miners who’s actions led to her ultimate downfall and setting the scene for Snow White to be saved by her prince.

If you have ever been to Disneyland, you know their mine has been immortalised in an amazing fun ride.

We hope you liked our interpretation of Snow White as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Who let the dogs out? February 6, 2021 20:37

After a lot of feedback from customers we have expanded our evergreen Dog range of brooches with the Diago the Dalmatian Brooch, the Sachi the Shiba Inu Brooch and a collection of flying Corgis. There are Corgi brooches, Corgi necklaces and even Corgi Wall hanging in both Tan and Black. We can of course provide custom colourways of any of the pieces to better match a particular dog.

The existing three brooches: Frankie the Dachshund, Chucky the Chihuahua, and Uther the Australian Staffy, have already proven to be extremly popular.

Check out the full collection.

Fast Food Themed Jewellery Collection September 4, 2020 14:21

The team had a lot of fun creating this Fast-Food themed jewellery collection "Get Junked" which includes Donuts, Pizza and Hotdogs. The bold strong designs are re-enforced with the use of bright colourful acrylics making these items just pop.

We have received various requests for LARGE earrings so the earrings come in two sizes, standard and large, so our customers can choose which they prefer. 

The Get Junked collection is the first release that will make up the Food evergreen range which means these items are planned to stay available ongoing as opposed to the Dasiy Jean standard releases which are available for three months from release.

If you are looking for quirky fun colourful jewellery that pops and shows of your personality then you should check out this collection.

True beauty comes from within August 27, 2020 10:53

This message is something that us all here at Daisy Jean believe in so much so when we decided to do the Beauty and the Beast collection there was quite a buzz in the office.

Not only did the creative team all love the representation of this classic french fairy-tale by the amazing Disney, but they also couldn't wait to put their spin on the story and the characters. The end result lifts this old story of enchantment, romance and magic to a new level. The pieces are colourful, bright and strong just like the story it's self.

One of our favourite jewellery collections to date!!!

Dance Magic Dance: The Labyrinth Collection July 17, 2020 15:56

Daisy Jean have outdone themselves with their tribute parody Labyrinth Acrylic Jewellery collection. Made from amazing coloured acrylic the attention to detail is second to none.

The musical fantasy film Labyrinth was one of the late Jim Henson’s masterpieces with amazing costumes, puppetry and the creation of a fantasy world (before any real CGI was available) that transforms the viewer into this amazing adventure alongside Sarah. Still a classic today!

This parody of the Labyrinth has been created to celebrate and honour two greats that are no longer with us, Jim Henson and David Bowie, and to relive the adventure together in acrylic. 😊 The jewellery collection includes quirky acrylic brooches, an Owl necklace and a set of orb dangle earrings. The acrylic brooches include Jareth the Goblin King, Sarah, Hoggle, 'ello the worm, Ludo, and Sir Didymus & Ambrosius.

What's the Buzz? June 19, 2020 14:45 1 Comment

Daisy Jean Floral Designs have outdone themselves with this collection by collaborating with the winner of their Design-A-Brooch competition from 2019 - Nikki Bee IG: @lilnikkibee, FB: nikkibeepinup.

The designs are very representative of Pin-up and Rockabilly Style and would be a great addition to any pinup styling or rockabilly style outfit for any pinup girl or rockabilly girl in a casual way that would lift any outfit - they would be the ultimate accessory for any pinup styled outfit or rockabilly styled outfit.

Fantastic bright colours in strong designs make these bee brooches necklace and earrings standout.

The models, Nikki Bee, Miss Honey Hale, and Trap Pinup Dutchess have done an amazing job working with Photographer Brooklyn Brat Photography in capturing the high life energy that abounds in this Bee themed acrylic jewellery collection.

Models for Dasiy Jean Floral Designs Bee Themed Acrylic Jewellery collection:

Trap Pinup Dutchess

IG: @Trappinup_duchess

Miss Honey Hale,

IG: @misshoneyhale

Nikki Bee,

IG: @lilnikkibee

Photographer: Brooklyn Brat IG: @brooklynbratphotographer

Catbus, NoFace & Boh April 4, 2020 12:24 1 Comment

The creative team here at Daisy Jean are all mad Anime fans... so I suppose it was just a matter of time before they created more Studio Ghibli characters. If you also enjoy Studio Ghibli then check out the latest release of Catbus, NoFace and Boh.

Calling all Totoro Fans! February 11, 2020 15:28

Daisy Jean has just released a mini collection of three Totoro themed brooches, so if you are a fan it is worth checking out. There is Totoro, the mini Totoro's and Soot Sprites. Simply adorable!

Who loved the movie Home Alone? November 9, 2019 10:31

We decided to create something different this year... in addition to a more traditional Christmas theme, we have created and released a parody of the classic Christmas movie Home Alone.

If you like things that are not so mainstream then check out this fun-crazy and quirky collection.

Time to get spooky with Witch's Halloween November 9, 2019 10:23

The witch's Halloween collection has generated an amazing response with many of the items selling out within ten minutes but fear not as our resellers have stock!

Check out the video!

Do you have an idea for a BROOCH? July 15, 2019 16:42 2 Comments

We continue to see great ideas from our customers for brooches via our Custom Brooch service so we thought it was about time for us to empower you all! We have created a Design-A-Brooch competition where we will create, and sell worldwide, the winning design and pay the designer commission!

The competition is open until midnight AEST 4th August 2019. 

Go to Daisy-A Brooch competition here.