A big change! March 16, 2015 09:53

So after 5 months of steadily growing success, we have decided to move away from Etsy as our selling platform and into our own domain. Its been a tad scary, but incredibly exciting. This decision coincided with the birth of the 'Face of Daisy Jean' program, started in March 2015 which is aimed at furthering our company notion of women supporting women which has gone wonderfully since its conception.

So what are we hoping to bring to you with this move? Easier access to products, newsletters, new ranges and access to other products that fulfill the Daisy Jean image that we'll soon be stocking in store.

We currently have 4 major releases of new collections scheduled for 2015 with more exciting things happening for Daisy Jean as well.

We will continue to keep you posted and share our exciting plans with you here in our 'News' blogspace!

Daisy Jean & the Team