Who's the fairest of them all? February 19, 2021 12:34

It's time for a Princess fix!

Everyone loves Snow White -  I mean she is "the fairest one of all" isn't she? 

Disney’s amazing cartoon interpretation of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale back in the 19 30’s launched Snow White as the original Disney princess, and she is still a favorite, even today.

There has been countless interpretations of the story of Snow White including over 30 different films and  TV shows.

Daisy Jean thought it was time we satisfied our inner child and did our own interpretation of the story of this beautiful princess and to immortalize her in her own collection.

Apart from Snow White’s outstanding beauty, she represents the pinnacle of innocence, kindness and purity, and is loved by all - even the forest creatures.

Everyone that is, except the Evil Queen. She couldn’t handle the fact that Snow White was more beautiful than her, and did everything in her power to destroy her including the creation of the infamous poison apple and the iconic line "One bite and all your dreams will come true!"

But she didn’t count on the support from the seven hard-working dwarf miners who’s actions led to her ultimate downfall and setting the scene for Snow White to be saved by her prince.

If you have ever been to Disneyland, you know their mine has been immortalised in an amazing fun ride.

We hope you liked our interpretation of Snow White as much as we enjoyed creating it.