The Brains Brooch Set

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We have enjoyed creating the parody of the ever-popular Princess Bride love story!

Introducing our Brains brooch. The Brains, who was the leader of the Giant and the Spaniard, was the one who kidnapped the Princess. He saw himself as the literal brains of the outfit, until he died losing a battle of wits in a poisoned goblet drinking stand off. His matching Speech Bubble has his iconic Quote to match him. 

The Listing is for the Brains Brooch AND his matching speech Bubble ONLY.

Designed, Laser cut, and assembled with love in Australia at Daisy Jean HQ.

The Brains Dimensions:  6.2cm H / 4cm W

Speech Bubble Dimensions: 3cm H / 7.2cm W

Made to order. Expected delivery 6-8 weeks

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