Tempting Tart Brooch

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Wearable sweets! Is there anything better? For our first range of layered acrylic pieces we are letting you take your favourite high tea sweets out and about with you, in the form of brooches and earrings!
Every collection starts with one idea, that spawns a whole collection. For our Sweet Eats range, it all started with our Tart Brooch. Tarts are truly so delicious, especially when they have berries AND icing sugar. So we introduce our Tempting Tart. The perfect piece for any pastry or baking lover. Complete with cream.
Our pieces are designed in house in Sydney before being laser cut in Australia from quality acrylic/wood supplies for durability, colour and best design. Our designs are assembled completely in house and feature a locking brooch back to help ensure you never lose your cupcake!
Dimensions:6cm (h) x 6cm (w)
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