3 Easy steps to create your own brooch or earrings!

Step 1. Choose the image.

Most images have the potential of being converted into a brooch or earrings however some images lend themselves easier to the process than others. The easiest options are Drawings, Clipart, Graphics and some photos.


If you have a drawing, or access to one, these can be a great starting point for your starting point as can be seen above. If you have an idea you can always commission a Graphic Artist to create it if you don't wish to do so yourself.

We work with graphic artists DesignedbyShea and Stephanie Nava Art but you can use anyone of course.


Clipart is an amazing place to obtain images for your personalised jewellery as long as they are royalty free and not copyrighted.

There are literally millions upon millions of options. Above are some random images from a search on things like witches, unicorns, and dragons, on iCLIPART which is a great place to start.


Graphic files like Logos, slogans, quotes or badges are also great input for jewellery and you can put any words you like the jewellery making it completely personal.

We have had "Sleep Enthusiast", through to "Selfie Queen", and funny sayings like "Never tell me the Odds" and "FIGJAM". Image the words you could use for that hen parties brooch or your best friends birthday or to promote a service or event. Just depends on how creative you want to be!


Photos of people, pets and objects are still a very popular image resource for personalised jewellery.

There are some basic parameters the photo has to meet to be able to be used as input, like focus and quality, but we have made jewellery from photos of pieces of art, iconic landmarks, musical instruments, cars and lots and lots of pets.

Step 2. Select your finish.

Acrylic or Hand-painted

The next thing is to select the finish you want. Above is an example of the two finishes (Acrylic in the middle and Hand-painted on the right) using the exact same image as input. The Acrylic finish will always generate sharper images while the hand-painted finish is better for tones.

Step 3. Read the FAQ and Complete the order questionnaire.

The only thing left to do is to jump over the FAQ section and read through the information so you can complete the order questionnaire. The order questionnaire is used to gather all the information needed to create your jewellery in the way you wish. We cross check the information and then once payment is processed the creation of your special jewellery commences.

The turnaround time of course depends on the complexity of the jewellery and the finish selected (Hand painted take considerably longer) but will be from 2-8 weeks.