Custom Brooch FAQ 1

In 2017 we started offering custom brooch designs in our store and we've been rather blown away with their success. So we've listed below the details you need to know for our custom designs and our process.
Our custom designs can be pulled off a photograph or designed in house.
$80AUD for brooch design without a resin top coat
$90AUD for brooch design with a resin top coat
$100AU for necklace designs
*These prices to not include postage*
Pricing effective as of 1st June 2018
Turn around time:
6-10 week make time. The time frame really depends on how promptly images are approved, as we do not get any cutting done prior to approval and we make our pieces in order they are purchased to keep things fair. 
What is the process:
Our custom pieces are made from clear lasercut acrylic that is then hand painted on the underside before being assembled. These pieces are available in both a matte finish (no resin coat) and a gloss (resin coat) finish. 
We request all custom design requests to go via so we can keep track of these emails and requests. 
Once an image is agreed upon a listing is made in the store for you to purchase for your custom.
We require a reference image or photograph of what you'd like to proceed.
We do not create a vector image until after payment is received. We do not accept customs of certain IP
Step One: Agreeing on a photo or a reference image. We offer designs done in house as well as being able to pull designs straight off photos in the instance of pets. Once a reference image is agreed upon we create a listing in our customs tab for payment. We do not create any vector images prior to payment being received. 
Step two: Once the order is placed, we work on the design and once its finalised, we send it off for approval to the customer. This image will look like the one below as this image is purely for the laser cutter and NOT a final product. We do allow 2 tweaks of design included in listing price, however additional changes come at a cost of $10AU each.
Bewitched Vector Image.
Step Three: Once this image is approved we place it on our next run of cutting. We currently get laser cutting done once a fortnight. We only cut approved images on each run. If an image isn't approved in time it will need to wait for the next run, to ensure others customs aren't held up. Your design will be lasercut onto a 3mm white backing piece with the top lasers being lasercut in clear acrylic, with etching details on the top. An example of the Bewitched brooch's hair and face layers below as an example.
Step four: Once the cutting is received it will be hand painted to match the provided reference photo. This process is where the brooch comes to life and can take multiple coats of paint to achieve the right opacity and as these are hand painted and glued there can sometimes be small imperfections of a metallic speckling,minor paint stroke lines and some minor resin bubbling in the finished product. As these are hand painted we believe these irregularities add to their charm.
Step five: The matte finished product is made of the acrylic layers glued and no top coat, as pictured above. This finish is similar to other brands that do layered acrylic pieces, with the primary difference being the acrylic is hand painted underneath, not precoloured. Customers have the option to add a gloss top coat for an extra $10AU, as pictured below.
Step Six: Once the resin top coat is completely set, your piece has a brooch back attached to it and its posted on its way to you!