How do Releases Work?

Daisy Jean release a main release and a mini release each month excluding December. These collections are released via Daisy Jean resellers all around the world at the same time as Daisy Jean releases the collection in their store.

Each main collection is based on a theme and normally includes 6-8 brooches, an accompanying necklace and earrings.

The mini releases are normally additional pieces for the different Evergreen Collections available.

When does a Standard Release beocme Legacy?

A standard release bceomes a Legacy collection at the end of the month following the collection release. This gives customers around six weeks to obtain items under the standard collection pricing and priority production.

Why change to a Legacy Model?

Customers would contact Daisy Jean continously requesting access to retired collections so much so Daisy Jean opened up all retired collections for 48 hours in May 2021 via the OPEN SESAME EVENT. The response was unbelievable and placed intense pressure on Daisy Jean's systems and processes. It nearly broke the back of Daisy Jean.

While the previous Retirement model was easy to manage for Daisy Jean, it was obviously not providing what customers wanted - being access to all collections. Providing that access via an event like Open Sesame provided extremely problematic. The only way forward was to put in place technology and systems that would enable Daisy Jean to fesabily provide ongoing access to all collections in some shape or form. Hence the creation of the Legacy business model.

Why is there a premium applied to Legacy Collections?

The amount of time required and complexity invloved to produce small numbers of a piece is consideraby higher than for bulk production, so to ensure that the process remains feasible Legacy collections have to carry a premium.

What is the expected delivery on Legacy Collections?

Based on current levels of demands on production orders that include Legacy items will have a delivery time of 4-6 weeks from order.

Does Legacy apply to Evergreen or Made-4-U?

Evergreen Collections are not affected and are not planned on being converted to Legacy collection. Customs will continue as per normal.