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**Customs are Now Open!**

We aim to reply to quote request forms within 48 business hours of reciept

Here at Daisy Jean we want you to find that perfect design for you! Whether that’s a custom brooch of your beloved pet, a unique designed brooch, earring design or a necklace. We’re here to help! We have a range of options available to help you get your own special design to suit all your needs. 

How Daisy Jean Customs Work

To ensure we can adequately keep up with our custom demand, we only have a set amount of customs space available at a time. We have 5 customs work slots. Once these 5 slots are filled, customs are closed until ALL 5 customs are complete. The best place to keep upto date on when customs are reopening is our customer lounge on facebook (search Daisy Jean Customer Lounge on FB to join).

How much does a Daisy Jean Custom Cost?

The cost of your design is worked out based on what you are having made, what medium you choose and how many acrylics you want. You do not need to know exactly what you want to have a custom done. When you submit a customs checklist form we will email you a quote of options on how we can make your piece with different costs to suit your budget. 

Types of customs


Here in the Customs Boutique we offer custom brooches, earrings, necklaces and cardigan clips. These are available in two different styles.

Our most popular style of custom is our basic acrylic style, which is made from our standard acrylic just like our brooch releases! These designs are available based on your budget and needs, with different acrylic packages (the number of acrylics used) having different costs. These designs have a faster turn around time than our hand painted designs as assembly is much quicker and they aren’t resin topped. This style is suited for all our custom designs.

Our secpmd style is our original custom design of clear acrylic layered designs, which have the underside hand painted in reverse before being assembled and resin coated.  These designs are hand painted in our particular style . This style has proved very popular for pets with intricate coat colours or people portraits which have a lot of colourings. This style takes the most time to make due to the heavily handcrafted nature and do have small imperfections as a result. This style is best suited for brooches and some necklaces. The weight makes them impractical for earring designs.

Conversions & recolours

Daisy Jean also offers the bespoke service of changing designs to a different medium (necklace > Brooch, earrings > Brooch, Brooch > Earrings ETC) as well as the ability to change colours on designs as well. 

Can I see Past custom work?

You can indeed! We have them available here:

What source material can you use for a custom design?

We accept:

  1. Pet pictures or pictures of people (that you know or have permission to use). Please ensure photos are clear. Smartphone photos that have not been resized or optimised are ok. Please do not use filters (eg: portrait mode or glamour mode). Please ensure your whole pet (ears, feet and tail) are in the photograph.
  2. Purchased artwork from sites such as Shutterstock
  3. Artworks from our approved artists list 
  4. Artwork you have proof of permission to use. Please send proof along with the image.
  5. Your own artwork 
  6. Public Domain figures
  7. If you have a specific idea we also have avenues to find suitable options for you.

 What we do not accept:

  1. Artwork you do not have express permission to use
  2. Copies of other brooch makers designs]
  3. Non-Parody licensed images

How Long does it take to make a design?

We will include a rough turn around time on your quote. On average allow around 1 month for an acrylic custom and upto 2 months for hand painted designs.

 How do I get a custom made?

To submit a quote and claim a customs spot, please submit the below customs form. 

*The form may take a few moments to load*