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Past Custom Designs

Acrylic Designs

Custom Pet Brooches

Custom Pet Brooches

Custom pet brooch

Custom pet brooch (perch added to reduce feet break points)

Custom earrings made from brooch design

Custom Burlesque earrings

Custom Vivien Leigh portrait

Custom brooch with crystal eyes

Custom pet necklace with merged images

Custom pet earrings and necklace set

Custom base brooch made with permission from owner

Custom portrait brooch with added banner and crown.


Hand Painted Designs

Custom pet brooches

Custom Pet Brooches (right brooch includes merge and added bow tie)

Custom Pet Brooches

Custom Pet brooch

Custom pet brooch

Custom horse brooches

Left: Pet custom brooch
Right: Elephants brooch designed from Photo 

Brooch created with Permission from Old Bay Seasoning
Custom Shirley Temple Brooch
Custom Pet Brooch
Custom Mary Poppins brooch, created from tattoo flash with artist permission
Custom brooch of Mascot with branding removed
Custom pet brooch
Custom dog brooch (no resin top coat)
Custom Pet brooch (heart added to reduce break points)
Custom Pet brooches
Custom brooch made from commissioned artwork with artists permission
Custom cats with photo merge and custom tail arrangement
Custom pet brooches
Custom pet cardigan clips
Custom dogs necklace
Custom pet brooch 
Custom Maxine Portrait
Custom pet brooches