Source Material

So you want a custom piece but you’re not sure how to go about it?
This section is here to explain to you what kinds of media we accept for custom designs and what kinds we don’t.
So what is source material? It is the basis we use to create your design! It can be a photograph of a beloved pet, a purchased artwork or a generic everyday item!


We accept:

  1. Pet pictures or pictures of people (that you know or have permission to use). Please ensure photos are clear. Smartphone photos that have not been resized or optimised are ok. Please do not use filters (eg: portrait mode or glamour mode). Please ensure your whole pet (ears, feet and tail) are in the photograph.
  2. Purchased artwork from sites such as Shutterstock
  3. Artworks from our approved artists list 
  4. Artwork you have proof of permission to use. Please send proof along with the image.
  5. Your own artwork (You must select bespoke option for this)
  6. Public Domain figures
  7. If you have a specific idea we also have avenues to find suitable options for you.

 What we do not accept:

  1. Licensed characters or stories (copyright TV shows, books and movies)
  2. Artwork you do not have express permission to use
  3. Copies of other brooch makers designs