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The Face of Daisy Jean

Face of Daisy Jean 2016

Miss Ellen 

Miss Ellen is a true vintage loving lady from Sydney Australia! With her mermaid locks and impeccable taste, we felt for 2106 she was the perfect pinup to help us showcase some exciting new things coming to our store!

You can follow Miss Ellen by clicking below
Who is the face of Daisy Jean?
The 'Face of Daisy Jean' program came from wanting to see Daisy Jean help make a difference through supporting pin up models and artists to grow by using the business as the medium.
The Face of program is essentially a 12 month sponsorship to the successful applicants which allows growth for both the girls and Daisy Jean through mutually supporting one another. During their 12 months with Daisy Jean, the faces receive:
  • Sponsor parcels of DJ products every 6 weeks
  • A minimum of 2 photo shoots in their 12 months with the brand
  • 1 shoot will be to showcase their personal style with DJ incorporated their look
  • 1 shoot styled by DJ with MUAH 
  • All photos from shoots will be used for the website, advertising and marketing material during the face's 12 months with the brand as well as being able to use them in their own personal portfolio
  • A signature piece inspired by them, only available for purchase during their 12 months with the brand
  • Opportunity to work at markets and events that DJ will be a part of
  • Opportunity to attend events sponsored by DJ to represent the brand

Applications will open in late 2016 for the next face of Daisy Jean in 2017.