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The Face of Daisy Jean


Every year Daisy Jean goes on the search for a ‘Face’. The ‘Face of Daisy Jean’ effectively becomes the public face for Daisy Jean for the year. The 'Face of Daisy Jean' program came from wanting to see Daisy Jean help make a difference through supporting pin-up models and artists to grow by using the business as a medium.

Our face program is open to all ages, backgrounds and body shapes. To qualify you simply have to have an active Instagram and/or Facebook account and be able to commit to regular product shoots and regular posting about Daisy Jean online. Four finalists will then be selected for each region before one lady is then chosen to represent each region for 2019.

Due to Daisy Jean’s expanding popularity around the world we have decided to offer the opportunity to Pin-ups in North America & Europe to actively participate by adding two extra categories. There will be:

The Face of Daisy Jean – Oz,
The Face of Daisy Jean – USA/Canada
The Face of Daisy Jean – UK/Europe.

    The Face of Daisy Jean program is essentially a 12-month sponsorship to the successful applicants which allows growth for both the girls and Daisy Jean through mutually supporting one another.  During their 12 months with Daisy Jean, the Faces receive:

    Sponsor parcels of DJ products every 6 weeks to the value of over $1000AUD
    A minimum of 2 photo shoots in their 12 months coordinated with the brand
    1 shoot will be to showcase their personal style with Daisy Jean incorporated their look

    1 shoot styled and directed by Daisy Jean

    All photos will be used for the website, advertising, and marketing material during the face's 12 months with the brand as well as being able to use them in their own personal portfolio

    A signature brooch inspired by them, only available for purchase during their 12 months with the brand

    Opportunity to represent Daisy Jean at specific events representing the brand.

      In return the Face will:

      Enter a legal contract covering their commitment for the period

      Commit to create regular content featuring Daisy Jean and post at least twice weekly on their Social Media

      Write and publish reviews of the Daisy Jean products they receive.

      Make themselves available at the agreed times and location for the photoshoots and events.

         Applications are now open for the face 2019 and will close Friday 30th  November 2018.

        To apply you must email your answers to the following questions along with 3 photos that show you and your personality/style to daisyjeancustoms@gmail.com

        REGION: Please specify which region you fall into in the subject line of the email (eg, Australia, USA or Europe).

        1. Name/pin persona
        2. IG/FB handle
        3. Location
        4. Tell us a bit about yourself
        5. What would it mean to you to be the face of Daisy Jean 2019?
        6. What is your favorite accessory and why?
        7. How would you describe your personal style?
        8. What do you hope to gain from being apart of the Daisy Jean Family?
        9. Modeling experience is not essential but if you have some we'd love to hear about it! 
        10. Whats your favorite way to create your content? (locations, themes, stylisation, equipment)
        11. Do you have any photographers you work with frequently?
        12. Are you part of your local pinup community? Do you attend any pinup events or workshops?
        13. Have you ever reviewed products before? If so please show an example.
        14. Is there anything else you'd like to tell us? 

        Once you've applied

        We will email a confirmation of receipt to all entrants within 1-3 business days of you sending your application. Once applications close we will be looking through applications and shortlisting the most suitable for each region. All applicants will be contacted to advise of the outcomeThose shortlisted will be announced and we will then coordinate skype interviews to have a chat about you, your application and to help us find the lady with the best fit as the face of Daisy Jean. Once all skype interviews are complete, the 4 finalists for each region will be notified. The 3 ladies of each region who are unsuccessful are extended the opportunity to work with DJ as a brand ambassador. 


        Past faces of Daisy Jean 

        Face of Daisy Jean 2018

        Miss Laila Shalmar

        Laila is an Aussie Pakistani Pinup based in Perth, Australia. Known in Australia for her thought-provoking writing on many topics as well as those relevant to pinup! This Desi pinup is proud of her culture which she celebrates on her social media as well as being a body positive babe.

        You can follow Laila by clicking below

        Faces of Daisy Jean 2017

        Miss Dita Malteese and Miss Cherry Bomb

        In 2017 we couldn't pick just one gal from the applicants so we had 2. Both Miss Dita Malteese (left) and Cherry Bomb (right) are known for their bright sense of style, their fun personalities, and their creative flares! They were a perfect fit for 2017 as we begun exploring acrylic jewellery designs.
        Find them at:
        Instagram: Dita  & Cherry

        Face of Daisy Jean 2016

        Miss Ellen 

        Miss Ellen is a true vintage loving lady from Sydney Australia! With her mermaid locks and impeccable taste, we felt for 2106 she was the perfect pinup to help us showcase some exciting new things coming to our store!

        You can follow Miss Ellen by clicking below

        Faces of Daisy Jean 2015

        Miss Chelsea and Miss Cherry Buttons!

        Our first year of the Daisy Jean face back when we just did flowers saw two gals representing us! Miss Chelsea is now a qualified makeup artist and Miss Cherry Buttons is an accomplished pinup pageant participant and burlesque dancer/model.

        Find them on:

        Instagram: Chelsea & Cherry Buttons