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Daisy Jean Floral Designs have created and released a special cute and quirky collection for our customers who like to stay young at heart and wear fun perky jewelry.

It is our "Unicorns Doing..." collection.

There will be one brooch released per month throughout the year, with two extra sets (Earrings and Necklace) dropping a couple of months apart. The release schedule is below.

The reason we are releasing this collection throughout the year as opposed to our traditional single release is that we have received considerable feedback that it can be hard to fund buying a full collection as they come out. This way you know what’s coming and can pin-point the ones you want.

May - Unicorn doing Ballet

Release date: May
June - Unicorn Skating

Release date: June
July - Unicorn Surfing

Release date: July 5th
August - Unicorn on a scooter

Release date: August 9th
September - Unicorn at the movies

Release date: September 6th
October - Unicorn painting

Release date: October 4th
November - Hulacorn

Release date: November 8th

Pink set

Release date: May

Green Set

Release date: August 9th