Vectoring/Creating your design

Vectoring is the process of creating the design that will be your brooch from the provided source material. Some vectors are easy, some are more difficult. This means we have different ‘levels’ of Vectoring, based on what you want done. When we vector, we trace all lines that are visible on the piece to create the outline and dimension (please see example below).
If there are specific details that you do not want included in your design, please specify this in the initial consult stage.

Things to note!

  • Please keep in mind that source material quality dictates the level of detail we can accomplish in a design.
  • The more detail means the more intricate the design. Our designs average 7cmx7cm
  • The quality of the source material for certain pieces such as pets generally dictates if we can do a portrait or a full body design.
  • We also will alter certain aspects of designs to reduce or elevate break points within them.
  • Designs will be streamlined as well to reduce sharp edges and points
Our vector charges vary depending on the level of work required. We therefore have different 'levels' of vectoring to cover different source material. For full breakdown see pricing page. 
Once Vectors are complete we move onto creating your physical custom!