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This month we’re singing Dance Magic Dance with our Labyrinth Parody Collection. 

 This listing is for all the labyrinth brooches from our Labyrinth Collection. By purchasing this listing you get:

1 x Goblin King Brooch

1 x Sarah brooch

1 x Hoggle Brooch

1 x Ludo Brooch

1 x Worm Brooch

1 x Sir Didymus and Ambrosius

1 x Wiseman & the Hat Brooch

1 x False Alarms brooch

1 x Firey Brooch

1 x Junk Lady Brooch

1 x Door Knocker Set Brooch

1 x Goblin Brooch

1 x Goblin King Owl Necklace

1 x Guards Necklace

1 x Owl Orb earrings

1 x Door Knockers Earrings


Made to order. Expected delivery 6-8 weeks.

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