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Charming Charlton Brooch


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The Charming Charlton Brooch is the most dapper little Corgi around and he's a Corgi piece with a difference! 

This brooch is inspired by Charlie, the Corgi baby of a friend of ours here at Daisy Jean: Miss Katie. Charlie recently had to undergo IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease) surgery on his back, which was very hard on both Charlie and his owner. Despite having pet insurance, as a Corgi he wasn't covered for this condition and the bill has been quite extensive, to the tune of $10,000.

So to help Kate out, we're running the Charming Charlton brooch to help raise a bit of money towards that bill with all profits from this brooch going towards contributing to those costs. And you get to have a little Charming Charlton of your own to brighten your day.

You can follow Charlie's progress and recovery at @charltonsworld

**Please note as a handmade item made to order this brooch can take upto 2 weeks to dispatch

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