Jar of the Gods necklace

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Its time go on an adventure in the sands of Egypt to go on an adventure to save the world with our Mummy Parody Collection!

In our The Mummy collection we have our Jar of the Gods necklace! This necklace is the Canopic Jars used to house the mummy’s forbidden love’s organs. They feature a blue crystal collar with gold acrylic accents and a cream acrylic for their main colour. Perfect for any movie fan, archaeologist or Egypt lover.

Designed, Laser cut and assembled with love in Australia at Daisy Jean HQ.
Dimensions: 8.4cm H / 11cm W

The chain is Nickle-free and has 2 closure points. Chain length varies slightly from piece to piece but each side is between 27-30cm long (from one end to the other). If you require a different length of chain, please pop it in your order notes.

Made to order. Expected delivery 6-8 weeks

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