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Petal The Possum


In our human society, there are certain critters our human society deems to be pests, based on our interactions with them and their behaviour. But we wanted to celebrate these creatures, as often they are doing simply as nature intended! We’ve tried to include critters that are considered pests around the world!

Say hello Petal the Possum! This shy girl gets a varied wrap around the world. In Australia, possums are a celebrated part of Australian culture. But in New Zealand where they were introduced for the fur trade, they are considered a pest as they eat many of the eggs of the countries flightless birds. So we’re letting Petal munch on her strawberry and shine on.

Made of laser cut acrylic that’s hand painted and assembled in Sydney Australia. As each piece is hand crafted there may be some colour differences and minor imperfections.

This range is made to order for the first 2-3 weeks before becoming a ready to ship item.

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