Professor Brooch

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We're getting shipwrecked with our favourite castaways!

The Professor brings logic and sensibility to the island. The Professor is very smart, kind, sensible, and rarely gets frightened. The Professor is very grounded in reality and doesn't believe in superstitious things like voodoo or ghosts. He always strains to find a sensible, logical explanation for almost any situation and as such provides the counterpoint to all the craziness of the rest of the cast and can become the “straight-man” for the “Laurel and Hardy” antics of Gilligan and the Skipper.
Designed in Australia by Mark@sheardo, Laser cut and assembled with love in Australia at Daisy Jean HQ.
Dimensions: 7cmH X 5.5W

Made to order. Expected delivery 6-8 weeks

Modelled by our USA/Canada face@sweetrubybluez

Shot by@jodiophotography

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