Sage the Sunda Cloud Leopard Brooch

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This month we're celebrating the lesser know felines of the natural world. 

This listing is for our Sage the Sunda Cloud Leopard. This sub-species of cloud leopard that is native to the Sunda islands off Borneo and Sumatra are sadly critically endangered due to deforestation. Also due to their secretive solitary nature, little is known about these beautiful big cats.

Our Sunda Cloud Leopard is made of effect acrylics with a ton of beautiful hand painted details, making it a real statement piece.

Designed, Laser cut and assembled with love in Australia at Daisy Jean HQ.

Dimensions: 7cm H / 5.6cm W

We use Locking Brooch pins. Brooch Pin goes horizontally.

Made to order. Expected delivery 6-8 weeks

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