Skipper Brooch

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We're getting shipwrecked with our favourite castaways!

The skipper is loveable but can't help being irritated by the continual clumsiness and ineptitude of his little buddy Gilligan. The Skipper is the straight man to all of Gilligan's mess ups and the situation normally ends up with their trademark of Skipper swatting Gilligan in the head with his cap. Good old fashion slapstick. As one of the most favourite characters ever on TV he makes for a strong happy and bright brooch. His energy and colour will put anyone in a good mood.

Designed in Australia by Mark@sheardo, Laser cut and assembled with love in Australia at Daisy Jean HQ.
Dimensions: 7cmH X 6.5cmW

Made to order. Expected delivery 6-8 weeks

Modelled by our USA/Canada face@sweetrubybluez

Shot by@jodiophotography

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