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Whole Eevolution set (necklace and brooches)


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Here at Daisy Jean we embrace our 90s childhood and all things a bit geeky.

Love all the Evolutions? You can get the entire brooch set here in this listing!

Bulk listing is for 

1 x Eevee Brooch

1 x Vaporeon Brooch

1 x Flareon Brooch

1 x Jolteon Brooch

1 x Umbreon Brooch

1 x Espeon Brooch

1 x Leafeon Brooch

1 x Sylveon Brooch

1 x Glaceon Brooch

1 x Sleeping Eevee necklace

Made from precoloured acrylic, she's a must have for any 90s loving kid. Designed in house, laser cut in Australia and hand made in house at Daisy Jean HQ.

This design is a made to order piece and has a make time of 1-2 weeks. This enables us to allow customers to continue purchasing these designs.

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