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Whole Eevolution set (necklace and brooches)


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Here at Daisy Jean we embrace our 90s childhood and all things a bit geeky.

Love all the Evolutions? You can get the entire brooch set here in this listing!

Bulk listing is for 

1 x Eevee Brooch

1 x Vaporeon Brooch

1 x Flareon Brooch

1 x Jolteon Brooch

1 x Umbreon Brooch

1 x Espeon Brooch

1 x Leafeon Brooch

1 x Sylveon Brooch

1 x Glaceon Brooch

1 x Sleeping Eevee necklace

Made from precoloured acrylic, she's a must have for any 90s loving kid. Designed in house, laser cut in Australia and hand made in house at Daisy Jean HQ.

Made to order pieces have an estimated turn around time of 2 weeks plus postage time.

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